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About Us

Construction Machinery, Spare Parts, Filter, Sealing Group, Bearing, Belt. Zirve İş Makinaları is aware that the point that distinguishes companies from each other in today's business world is the commitment to quality. Understanding and meeting our customers' expectations is our primary goal. In order to provide high performance and the desired quality of the work, Zirve İş Makinaları is in constant dialogue with our customers. As Zirve İş Makinaları, customer satisfaction is regularly measured with the interviews we make, and with the understanding of continuous improvement, we develop Spare Parts Service as a continuation system. For this reason, it is an honor to work with you and we wish you to evaluate us in your supply of Construction Machinery Spare Parts.


Zirve İş Makinaları has been serving with its experienced team since 2010.

Spare Parts

We are proud to offer spare parts supply to the whole world. Get information about our stocks.


Why Us?


We always offer high quality products to our customers, regardless of brand.


Zirve İş Makinaları has been serving with its experienced team since 2010.


As Zirve İş Makinaları, we have a team structure to handle all kinds of work intensity.


All of our customers we have worked with before have high confidence in us.

We Are Growing

We are getting the return of the quality service we offer by growing constantly.


We always improve ourselves and our industry and benefit our competitors.

Construction Machinery Spare Parts

The biggest disruption in the repair process of construction machines is that spare parts cannot be found in time and cannot be repaired. Zirve İş Makinaları provides timely spare parts to all its customers with the wide connections it has provided over the years.